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Issue invoices without creating a company
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Sign up. Start invoicing. No company required.

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Issue an invoice in minutes. Anywhere you are.

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Be in the loop and watch the money arrive to BillFuel.

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Get paid and start spending. We take care of all the tedious administrative stuff.

Features Crafted for Your Needs

Human Invoicing

Invoice without being a company and say goodbye to the tax office and accountants.

Automatic Taxation

You do your work. We take care of the nesseccary bookkeeping and taxation.

Invoicing Dashboard

Get a clear overview of how much you're making and keep a record for future reference.

Smart Assistance

BillFuel learns about your clients and past invoices, allowing you to invoice literally in minutes.

Friendly Reminders

Get paid on time. We will let you know if there is a risk of your client missing the payment deadline.

Helpful Notifcations

Once the invoice is sent, you'll know exactly when your client has received, read and paid it.

Built for Freelancers Everywhere

Are you a German citizen living in Estonia and doing a stint to a Norwegian company?
BillFuel is fully copliant with all the regulations to enable international invoicing.
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Currently available to bank account holders in 34 countries.
We are constantly working on adding new regions.

Plain and Simple Pricing


flat of each payout


Our fee is calculated only from the after-tax total that you receive


We only charge once your client has paid the invoice


You'll pay less then you would pay an accountant for an equal service
  • "It's so simple to use. I think it will be good for people who want to get paid honestly."
    Evelin, Event Marketer
Work. Invoice. Get paid. Simple as that.
You do what you do best, we take care of the rest.