Tanel Kärp

User Experience Designer, Consultant & Mentor.
Specialised in User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design & Prototyping.
Available for project-based collaborations. Contact via LinkedIn.

Education & Training

2016 Finalist in Climate-KIC Accelerator, The European Institute of Innovation & Technology
2013 Master of Arts Cum Laude in Design & Development of Virtual Environments, University of Tartu
2010 Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Estonian Academy of Arts

Academic Work & Talks

2016 Spring – Fall Interaction Design MA program council, Estonian Academy of Arts
2016 Summer Crash Course to UX Design (seminar), Digital Creative Media Incubator DIGIX
2016 Spring How Design Guides our Beliefs & Behaviour (talk), Clear Communication Seminar
2015 Fall, 2014 Fall Interaction Design, Tallinn University of Technology
2015 Spring Interaction Design, Estonian Academy of Arts
2014 Fall User Centered Infographics (Workshop), Estonian Academy of Arts & Praxis
2014 Autumn Interactive Design, Estonian Academy of Arts
2013 Winter The Importance of UX Design in Rapidly Developing Companies (Talk), Design Day at Tehnopol
2013 Fall, 2011 Fall Introduction to Web Design, University of Tartu
2013 Fall My Journey as a Designer (Talk), Tallinn Young Entrepreneurs Day
2013 Autumn Visual Design Essentials, University of Tartu
2012 Autumn Designing for Screen (Workshop), Tallinn University
2012 Autumn Concepts for the new EAA website (Workshop), Estonian Academy of Arts
2011 Autumn Web Design II, Estonian Academy of Arts
2010 Fall Web Design I, Estonian Academy of Arts
2010 Fall User Interface Design (Talk), College of Information Technology


Verifying the Application of Online Gamification Methods to Introduce Pro-Environmental Behaviour

Master's Thesis, University of Tartu, 2013
See more: Excerpt

Currently Working On


A personal green lifestyle coaching application & gamified employee engagement platform. Effectify is a free app and website that nudges users towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Cleverly designed using psychology and gamification, it engages the environmentally minded in green lifestyle, and provides and effective employee engagement tool for businesses.

Self-initiated Together with: Kristiina Kerge, Tõnu Kerge, Joonas Kerge See more: Effectify.me


Hooandja is the biggest crowdfunding platform in Eastern Europe for cultural and civil society projects. With hundreds of successful campaigns, we have established the crowdfunding paradigm in the region, and have become the go-to funding solution for local creatives.

Self-initiated Together with: Henri Laupmaa, Halina Mugame See more: Hooandja.ee


BillFuel is a hassle free invoicing service. It allows individuals issue invoices without the need to have their own registered company.

Self-initiated Together with: Margus Palu, Andreas Wagner See more: BillFuel.me


Kuhuviia is a web application mapping public trash bins and recycling points. It is an everyday tool for the environmentally-minded that helps to find the responsible way of getting rid of unnessecery things.

Self-initiated Together with: Kristiina Kerge, Tõnu Kerge, Joonas Kerge See more: Kuhuviia.ee

Projects 2016–2001


Consulting and design for Creatomus House Configurator

Creatomus is startup that provides a browser-based 3D application for designing and configuring prefabricated houses. We mapped down prospective users, user journeys and created series of design proposals for Creatomus' testing, features and interface design.

For: Creatomus Together with: Jaanus Sakkis See more: Creatomus.com

An infographic celebrating Hooandja highlights

In summer 2016, Hooandja celebrates its fourth aniverssary. To celebrate the feat, we designed a small infograph that presents some of our favourite campaings on the highly successful crowdfunding platfrom.

Self-initiated See more: Hooandja Hetked

Analysis, design & implementation for "For the Young Entrepreneurs" Collaboration Network website

For: The Estonian Chambre of Commerce and Industry Together with: Jannus Jaska See more: Ettevotlikkus.ee

A new website for Praxis, the biggest socio-economical think-tank in the region

This multi-year project was carried out in close collaboration with Praxis staff. It became both one of the initiators as well as an output for a long introspective process inside Praxis, during which the think-tank reimagined itself from a political studies centre to a proactive pioneer in all topics regarding government. We conducted workshops, employed tens of trainees and set up a new culture of storytelling and visualisation.

For: Praxis Together with: Eneli Mikko See more: Praxis.ee


UX analysis and visual design for the Estonian European Union Presidency 2018 preparations website

For: The Republic of Estonia Government Office Together with: Tiina Urm, Urmas Aavasalu, Villu Varjas

Interaction and visual design for Meieraha 2.0 web app

For: “Compass” center Armenia Together with: Hille Hinsberg, Konstantin Tretjakov See more: Gyumri Budget

UX analysis and prototype for a dialysis quality monitoring app

For: Optofluid Technologies Together with: Keit Ein See more: Optofluid Tech website

UX analysis and design for crowd investment platform Fundwise

For: Fundwise Together with: Kärt Einasto, Stoneful See more: Fundwise.me

UX analysis and prototype for the new CrazyDeal web store

For: CrazyDeal Together with: Altex Experts

Design proposal for Opener, a web app mapping down connections between state companies and their contractors

For: Transparency International Estonia Together with: Henri Laupmaa

UX consulting for Rabaconda, a developer of innovative motorsport tools

For: Rabaconda Together with: Stoneful


UX analysis and design for the new Tallinn City Tourism responsive website

For: Tallinn City Tourism Office Together with: Indrek Sirkel, Jan Tomson, Wiseman Interactive See more: Visittallinn.ee

Interaction Design and implementation for the Estonian Design Awards website

For: Estonian Design Centre Together with: Epp Õlekõrs, Mariana Hint See more: Eesti Disainiauhinnad

Interaction Design and implementation for Disainiblogi

For: Estonian Design Centre Together with: Epp Õlekõrs, Mariana Hint See more: Disainiblogi

TEDxTallinn conference identity & design, Guest Experience team lead

Self-initiated Together with: Oliver Kadak, Madis Sein See more: TEDxTallinn.org

A web application for crowdsourcing graphics for the Eesti Laul competition

For: Eesti Laul Together with: Jan Tomson See more: Eesti Laul 2014


UX analysis and design for the Estonian Academy of Arts website

For: The Estonian Academy of Arts Together with: Epp Õlekõrs, Solveig Jahnke See more: Artun.ee

Meieraha Tax Calculator, a web application to see what the government does with your tax money

For: Praxis Together with: Hille Hinsberg, Paul Tammet, René Lasseron, Konstantin Tretjakov See more: Meieraha Maksukalkulaator

Interaction Design and implementation for Konstanet

For: Konstanet Together with: Epp Õlekõrs See more: Konstanet

An infographic celebrating 100 campaigns at Hooandja

Self-initiated See more: Hooandja 100


Aybolit, a web service to fight corruption in Ukrainian healthcare system

For: Transparency International Ukraine Together with: Heath Morrison, Olena Kifenko See more: Aybolit

Kodupilt, an interactive infographic comparing Estonian local governments

For: Praxis See more: Kodupilt

GameON!, a service to simply organise team sports

School Project Together with: Markko Karu, Harri Tallinn, Didzis Krumins See more: GameON!


MeieRaha, a web application visualizing the Estonian budget

Self-initiated Together with: Hille Hinsberg, Konstantin Tretjakov, Paul Tammet, Rene Lasseron See more: Meieraha

Valitsemise Valvurid, a web application tracking the fulfilment of coalition promises

For: Praxis, ERR (Estonian Public Broadcasting) Together with: Hille Hinsberg, Siim Lerg See more: Valitsemise Valvurid

Track Your Jeans, a web service to track product production cycles

Self-initiated Together with: Reet Aus, Toomas Trapido, Martin Sookael, Tanel Kosk

Animaster, a website for the Animation Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts

For: The Estonian Academy of Arts Together with: Ülo Pikkov See more: Animaster.ee

A website for the Month of Photography

For: The Estonian Union of Photography Artists Together with: Indrek Sirkel See more: Fotokuu 2011

Website for the DDVE master's programme

For: The University of Tartu Together with: Kristjan Mändmaa See more: DDVE.ee (via Wayback Machine

LetsMeetHere, a service for simply agreeing upon meeting places with friends

Self-initiated Together with: Sjoerd Handgraaf, Enn Metsar, Jens Kasemets, Mihkel Karu

UX design for SmartVote, a platform for tracking active politicians

Self-initiated Together with: Henri Laupmaa, Tõnu Runnel


Interactive Calendar for the Elderly

School Prjoject Together with: Rene Rebane, Birgit Pulk, Kristi Rummel

DIY Touch Screen

Graduation Project


A website for the Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators

For: The Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators Together with: Kaarel Nõmmik See more: KTY.ee

TEDxTallinn identity, website & conference materials

Self-initiated, from 2009 – 2014 Together with: Jannus Jaska, René Lasseron, Mekaia See more: TEDxTallinn.org 2009, TEDxTallinn.org 2011 (Wayback Machine)

Estonian Etno Virtual Exposition

School project Together with: Laura Pappa, Epp Õlekõrs, Jaak Kaevats, Estonian History Museum

Cube Font

School project

Let's Do It! new website design

School project


A website for Verb Publishing House

For: Verb Publishing House Together with: Piia Ruber See more: Verb Kirjastus

2007 – 2001

A Personal Site from 2006

A small personal portfolio from the year Facebook went public. Contains descriptions of some of the works done around that time, most of them defunct by now.

Self-initiated See more: tkID 2

Honours & Awards


Clear Communication Award, Special Mention in Clear Communication Promoter category

For Praxis.ee
Issued by The Institute of the Estonian Language

Environmental Act of the Year

For Kuhuviia.ee
Issued by The Estonian Ministry of the Environment


Estonian Design Award 2014 Silver in Screen Graphics

For Eesti Laul 2014
Issued by Estonian Design Centre, ADC*Estonia

Postimees' Cultural Locomotive of the Year

For Hooandja
Issued by The Estonian Ministry of the Environment


Estonian Civil Pioneer of the Year

For Hooandja
Issued by the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations

Estonia's Best E-service in the Citizen Involvement Category

For Hooandja
Issued by the Estonian Information System Authority, World Summit Award


Winner of IACC15 Hackathon in Brasília, Brazil

For Aybolit
Issued by Transparency International

Estonian Design Award 2012 Bronze (best in category) in Web Application Design

For Valitsemise Valvurid
Issued by Estonian Design Centre, ADC*Estonia


Audience Choice Award at Garage48 Public Services

For Meieraha.ee
Issued by the Garage48 Foundation